DEWDOCKS floating dock solutions
Modular, dock solutions; any size or shape! Proudly made in Canada Canadian Flag

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Photo Gallery

These photos highlight our product - both the hardware and it's practical applications. Click for larger images.

Click to view the 8x8 How To Build video

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A Dewdock Float carries a 15 year limited warranty

Pickup truck loaded with 22 Floats plus parts.
Parts on truck
Connectors & Bumpers
Connectors & Bumpers
All the parts for a new Dewdock delivered
parts on lawn
Truck sitting on float (not recommended)
Truck held up on Float
Adding the deck
applying deck
Greta adds the last screw
Greta adds the last bolt
Dewdock Float Unit Kit
Combermere: Pontoon Slip
Combermere: Right Side Ramp
Combermere: Assembled Floats
Combermere: Adding Lumber
Combermere: Final
14 x 37 Burlington Bay
Piling post hardware Kit (see details)
Dock end Ramp Kit with extra float support
Dock end ramp kit
8 x 26 East Coast
Custom Piling Ramp-to-Ramp (see details)
Anchor Half Tie Strength Test (see details)
Dock frozen in ice - the floats can freeze solid in ice with no fear of harm… just remember to loosen moorings in the fall!
Building an 8' wide Dewdock
8 x 17 Dock
Out to deeper water
"L" shaped Dewdock
8 x 8 Swim Platform
Wilberforce: 14 x 24
"T" Dewdock
Building "T" Dewdock for "Room To Grow" TV
Finished "T" Dewdock for "Room To Grow" TV
8 x 17 Dewdock with a 14 x 24 added
8 x 41 Dewdock in the St. Lawrence River
8 x 24 Dewdock in the St. Lawrence River
"E" shaped Dewdock

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