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A Float Unit
Everything included in a single “Float Unit”

NOTE: “bumpers” are no longer a part of this kit, since we have a far superior product with our exclusive Hull Rocker™ ultimate boat hull protection system!


We recommend Double Braid Rope. These ropes are constructed from an inner hollow single braided rope (core) which has another hollow single braided rope constructed around its exterior (skin). The end result is a rope within a rope. Both the skin and the core share the load on the rope, but not necessarily in equal amounts. These ropes are generally very flexible, strong and pleasant to handle. They are easily spliced.

Caution must be exercised where double braid ropes are run over pulleys, through hardware, or in any situation where the outer rope may slide along on the inner rope and bunch up. This condition, often called “milking”, will result in a dramatic loss of strength by causing the entire load to be applied to the inner core. These ropes are also referred to as “Marine Ropes”, “Yacht Braid” and “2 in 1”.


Dewdocks® recommends stainless steel screws. Stainless steel screws are more expensive, but the strength of the product is far superior to coated screws, (zinc-plated or painted). Coated screws are not recommended for the Dewdocks® docking system for the following reasons:

  • Some screws are brittle; potentially allowing the head to twist off when screwed into wood. Try this as a test of potential screws: clamp a coated screw in a vice and give it
    a blow with a hammer, or hold the screw with a pair of pliers and tap it on the floor – if you find the screw breaks with relative ease the screws are sub-standard. Stainless steel screws, when clamped in a vice, require more force and will bend, not break – use a hammer to test this principal.
  • Coated screws will rust and discolour wood, detracting from your dock’s natural beauty. Stainless steel does not rust and will not cause discolouration.
  • Given that water is in motion, and in such close proximity to your dock, stainless steel is  preferred! All hardware included in a Dewdocks® docking system (for example, Header Block Bolts) is stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel screws will allow you to replace the deck on your dock with relative ease in the future and the screws can be reused