Dewdocks: Custom, Modular, Floating Docks!


Customizable size & shape, wooden deck, eco-friendly, all-season, DIY or we install.



Hull Rocker™ is the ultimate boat hull protection system; only from Dewdocks.


Dear Customer,

This all started because I didn’t like the choices offered to my parents and relatives in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Now anyone can have a dock that can be configured to their own needs and still retain the beauty of their waterfront property!

Your dock, your way!

Simple modular construction, allows you to create your waterfront dreams. Choose from our standard dock sizes for most applications. Many custom designs, or we will design to fit your personal needs & desires. Integrated hardware allows easy ramp & anchor connections. We deliver to your local Authorized Dealer or directly to your location. Some of our dealers offer installation, or we will build it for you if you wish (full service). Traditional wood finish combined with modern, environmentally friendly technology.

Client Testimonials

We ensure that every client has a docking solution to suit thier needs.

Our dock is fantastic! We love it – our kids love it, our guests love it and one of these days we’ll definitely want to expand it. We wanted something that was low maintenance – actually NO maintenance and that’s what this is.

Our installer assured us that it could be left in the water over the winter and sure enough, it has endured winters with no problems whatsoever! The snow melts, we secure the chains to the weights in the lake to keep it in place, attach the piece that connects the dock to the shore and we’re ready to go.

Lots of fun has been had on this dock since it was installed in the spring of 2010.

Vive Sawler
Baxter Lake

We truly love our Dewdock and use it every day. The dock has added a tremendous amount of fun to our property, for swimming, fishing, boating, and just relaxing. It is very stable even in the sometimes large waves of Georgian Bay, and handles the winter months just fine too (we store it in the water).

We plan to extend the dock soon with more Dewdock components – we only wish that we’d bought the dock sooner!

Stephen Brown
Georgian Bay

Wow! Dew docks are so efficiently and functionally designed! Like nothing you’ve seen before – and you won’t want any other kind of dock. Mine were installed in the Spring of 2011 by two very competent and nice guys. When I asked for a slight modification (a year later) my request was pleasantly received and promptly carried out.

I can’t say enough good things about this company! If you need a dock, you can’t go wrong with Dew Docks!

Nancy E.
Buckhorn Lake